Script Editor

Current version: 2.2, Last update: 15. 2. 2010, Price: Personal: $29.95, Business: $69.95, o/s: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Screenshot, Online help, Press release, Download Setup_ScriptEditor2.exe
Click here to view screenshot of Script Editor Write your script code in VBScript, JScript, or define another language.

Create libraries - reusable parts of the script code.

Combine the libraries and the project-specific code to a Windows Script File.

Execute Windows Script File by Windows Script Host.

BrineSoft Script Editor - the only editor with the complete support for Windows Script Files (*.wsf).

Scripting is not only for web pages. Get rid of the routine work. Let a script do the repeatedly executed tasks for you.

Save time time, don't re-invent a wheel. Keep the re-usable parts of a script in separate library files. Reference these libraries in your WSF project. Embed project-specific code directly to the WSF file.

Scripting is not programming. It is much easier. Start learning it today and reveal all the possibilities it brings.

Are you lost in all the objects, methods and properties? Put your favorite objects to a list and have all their parts at your finger tips in the Object Browser.

Afraid of the syntax mistakes? Use the embedded MS Script Control to execute the scripts for you. When a problem is encountered, Script Editor will place the cursor at the troubled place in the script and will tell you what the problem is.

Does it happen to you that you are not sure whether the script is already running or not? Have all the running processes listed in Running Scripts window. Kill any of them at any time.

Most of the applications of MS Office, like MS Word or MS Excel, are available as OLE Automation Objects. You even don't have to open such an application to write something and save. The script can do this for you!

Do you need to make an order in your existing scripts? Start using Workspaces. The Workspace will remember which files you were working on and also all the settings you used to execute them.

Save time. Develop your VBScript or JScript easily in Script Editor before you copy the code to your web page.